Students and universities

Students and Universities

The multifaceted activities of a museum require its staff to possess knowledge in many fields – starting from culture management through education and culture animation, outreach, museum management, protection of cultural heritage, protection of archaeological heritage, preservation and management of archaeological collection to maintaining archives. Such diversity makes it impossible to learn about all aspects of what goes into modern museum management through textbooks only – be it during post graduate studies or an optional one-year course. As is often the case, real life may significantly diverge from theory. When beginning one’s “adventure” and taking up employment at a museum, the norm is to learn what such a career actually entails through hands-on learning supervised by more experienced colleagues. Such a state of affairs is sub-optimal for both sides, i.e. the individuals interested in such a career and the museums. 

In order to acquaint students with the realities of working at a museum, the MAMM prepared a cycle of workshops and lectures – A museum – how does it work? (Muzeum – jak to działa?) – presenting the multithreaded texture of operations of an urban cultural institution. Materials are based upon the Pruszków Museum’s almost 50 years of experience. The offer is addressed to students of courses related to broadly understood “culture”: cultural management, cultural education and outreach, archaeology, history, etc.

A block dedicated to archaeology in western Mazovia was designed with archaeology students in mind.

We also offer the possibility of tailoring the offered course to your individual needs.

Marcin Woźniak – Mazovian Archaeology Department