Career, internships, volunteering

Career, internships, volunteering

We accept applications solely for ongoing recruitment processes.
Please send applications – CV and motivational letter – to:

We invite applications from university students interested in meeting their internship requirement.

Our offer is particularly aimed at liberal arts students pursuing paths in archaeology, history, archivisation, cultural institution management, cultural heritage protection, monument preservation and similar. Candidates from other academic paths may be taken in as long as the Museum fulfils the scope of internship set by the student’s university. Students are integrated into the Museum’s day to day operations, e.g. cataloguing artefacts, organisation of exhibitions, organisation of museum visits, preparation of publications, organisation of educational events, conferences, workshops, etc.

To apply, write an individualised application addressed to the Museum Director, stating: personal data, telephone number and e-mail address, name of university, academic course and year, number of hours in internship and preferred date.

The application, plus an appropriate document from the university (consent, referral, etc.) and a policy covering accidents during the internship may be presented at the Museum in person, sent by post, or e-mailed as attachment to:


We accept volunteers wishing to assist in the Museum’s operations. Volunteers, of either sex, must be over 14, with no prior requirements as to education level, skills or experience. Minors need written consent of parents or legal guardians. The volunteer and the Museum will enter into a written agreement stating their mutual obligations.

We offer referrals/letters of recommendation confirming having done volunteer work for the Museum.

Interested in volunteering? Write to us at: